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We pride ourselves on presenting a superior, A La Carte menu that represents choice, variety and of course quality.

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Welcome to The Shalimar Restaurant
The restaurant is created by award winning chefs. They have a single aim - to be able to deliver the authentic Royal Indian dining experience to its patrons with utmost courtesy and hospitality. We look forward to welcoming you to Shalimar! In light of the recent announcement made by the government, we are pleased to say that we are opening up for guests to dine in with us from SATURDAY 4TH JULY!
We feel that our restaurant and team members are equipped to meet the government's social distancing measures.
We have always kept our hygiene standards high as we feel it is very important. However, we have put extra measures in place to ensure that our guests feel safe and comfortable at our restaurant.
At The Shalimar, we have implemented the following procedures to keep all areas safe and clean for staff and guests:
1. If you are experiencing symptoms of high temperature, cough, runny nose, or any other flu-like symptoms, please kindly avoid coming to the restaurant to dine in.
2. All our team members have their temperature checked before being allowed in the workplace. If we notice or are made aware of any minor symptoms (i.e. cough or fever etc) we will ask the team member to self-isolate.
3. We regularly ask our team members if they or someone who they know has been in contact with people who have tested positive for Coronavirus.
4. All team members have been provided with their personal hand sanitiser to use as often as possible.
5. Sanitiser and hand wash are provided throughout the restaurant in several locations for guests.
6. In the kitchen, food ingredients have been placed in very close proximity to the chefs to minimise interaction between the team.
7. All team members will permanently use PPE equipment such as disposable gloves and face shield/mask which are changed regularly to prevent and protect.
8. No physical handshakes are allowed between team members and guests anymore.
9. Waiting areas, tables, and chairs are all sanitised thoroughly before and after use.
10. Kitchen surfaces are being sanitised more strictly throughout the whole shift and we have allocated dedicated people for this to make sure we maintain the highest hygiene standards.
11. Monitored one-way system to avoid contact with other guests.
12. To preserve social distancing we have separated tables further.
13. Protective screens will be in place to help with guests.
14. Additional signage will be implemented to assist with distancing guidelines and reminders to stay safe.
We will now operate on a strict RESERVATIONS ONLY basis until further notice. Please call us in advance to reserve your table.
We will still be doing takeaway for collection and delivery.
This situation is new to all of us and we are trying our best to follow all the guidelines set by the government. If you have any ideas or views on how we can operate we would love to hear your feedback.
For all enquiries please contact us on:
☎️ 01457872576
☎️ 01457820799


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